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10 April 2008 @ 11:23 pm
The long awaited update:

Unfortunately I've had to separate Pumpkin and Peach because of fighting. They were squeaking a lot which I thought was normal until I realized that Pumpkin was starting to injure Peach pretty badly. I couldn't have Peach getting hurt so they are no longer living together. =(
I am quite upset knowing that I can no longer watch them interact with each other but oh well... I've since tried to put them together again while only in the play pen but Pumpkin will immediately go after Peach still. so they can't even play together. I guess Peach started to get on her nerves..
Since the separation, Pumpkin has changed. She's a lot more relaxed so that's a good thing. They each have their own 2 cages now. I gave Pumpkin the big white cage because she's still the one who runs around the most.  Peach is pretty in the pink cage and mostly just sleeps and eats.

Kitty, as always, is adorable and fat. He's doing well and when I take him out, he'll snuggle next to me and sleep.

Here's some photos of him I took today.

sticking his little tongue out at me!

his more serious side

here's Pumpkin just hangin out

Peachie being adorable who clearly knows it.

07 December 2007 @ 10:19 am
Well I decided to buy another cage for the girls because it just didn't seem fair that they only have two while Kitty has three. Its a white cage with white accessories and white bars. Its real pretty too (as pictured online anyway) hopefully it'll be here within a week.
Pumpkin and Peach get time in the play pen every day where they still frequent their favorite spots. I like to change it up a bit by adding paper towel rolls and cardboard boxes for them to explore.

I still get woken up during the night either by Kitty's wheel or the girls squeaking at each other. This happens all the time. The other night I woke up about 4 times so the next night I decided to ask everyone nicely to please let me sleep tonight and guess what? I didn't wake up once until the next morning :) I thanked them of course.

Well I still have Kitty problems and don't get to handle him for days on end because he rarely comes down from his nest when I'm there. But If I take him out myself and keep him out for a while, he'll get used to it and will usually shows his face the next day. Last night I had him out for a while and this morning he was walking around normally so I was able to take him out again. =) I shall keep up with taking him out every day.
No problems at all with Pumpkin or Peach in this area. Pumpkin is always ready to come out and will crawl onto my hand while Peach is not as excited to but she has her days.

Here are some more shots of Kitty in the living room...

Him discovering his inner self..

Almost looks like two hamsters doesn't it?

And here are the lovely Pumpkie and Peachie..

Here they are whispering to each other about somethin....
probably about how they think I'm a freak for taking so many pictures of them..

Here they are hangin out with the guys under the tree...

Whom they became bored with pretty quickly it seems but I don't blame them..

I love my little babies!
24 November 2007 @ 01:55 pm
I finally got Kitty out for a photo adventure! I swear he tripled in size from the day I got him, he's so fat now.

Here we are in the living room. I had to give him a treat for being so good and since he just loves Ritz crackers, I gave him one.

Here he is clearly enjoying it!

I think he forgot his manners so he stopped to pray....

Then continued right on eating.

I just had to do this... I know you're a boy Kitty but I couldn't resist! You look so pretty! Don't hate me.

Well he pouched the rest and tried to salvage all the crumbs off his little paws..

All gone!

He did try to eat the flower too but I stopped him.
Thank you Kitty for being such a good boy!
23 November 2007 @ 01:52 pm


I love their fur, its so soft!

*No hamsters were harmed or excessively squished in the making of these photos.
22 November 2007 @ 10:07 am
I thought I'd share my current cage situations. First of all, Kitty now has 3 cages again despite the fact that he doesn't need them. I bought another HabitTrail and some tubes because I just prefer its looks and how it works over the CritterTrails cages. Kitty has made his nest in the tower at the top and always stays there like he did in the other cage. Another reason why I got him this one was because he wasn't being very clean with his bathroom habits in the original cage. His fur started to fall out around his head and I got pretty worried but now that he's in this one, his fur has grown back and its fluffy again.

Here is the tubing which leads to his other cages below. It looks like a big pipe to me!
Looooong way down.

And here are his other 2 cages. I just HAD to get the all pink one after seeing it online.

Now on to Pumpkin and Peach's cages. I feel bad that they only have two.. it doesn't seem right that Kitty gets 3 and they only get 2 but I feel it works out better this way in my room. Also, the girls get the big play pen which I don't put Kitty in at all so I guess it evens out.
Here's their Habit Trail with Peach hanging out...

The side of their house is a bit torn apart as you see.. I think Pumpkin did it since she likes to bite things so much but it might have been made as another entrance for each other. I think this because every time one of them is sleeping in the house and the other comes in later, the one already in the house gets all bothered and starts to squeak at the other. Its actually really cute and even though it sometimes wakes me up at night, its nice to imagine them deciding to be more considerate of each other if in fact they did make it to be another entrance.

Anyway here is the other attached cage. This one has been with me for a few other hamsters in the past. About 5 years ago I bought a female black bear hamster named Bubbles and 2 days later she had 8 babies. You can imagine my surprise! Only 2 survived though but it worked out quite well. I named them Fatty and Skinny. Fatty was my favorite of course...

And that's my set up. For now...
10 November 2007 @ 11:49 am
I can now tell the difference between Pumpkin & Peach. Peach is the fatter one, the more shy one and is also less energetic at times, though sometimes she surprises me by being nuts like Pumpkin. Peach is usually the one who is always finding some where to sleep. I can't say she's my favorite without feeling mean so... I'll just say she's the most adorable.
This is her in one of the cages.

09 November 2007 @ 11:55 am
Here we are on my bed with Pumpkin being a cute little ball on polka dot sheets and all.

I love their little white dot tails!!

08 November 2007 @ 11:26 am
Pictured below is the hamster play pen that we put together in my room which I give them time in every day.

If Pumpkin isn't running around or in the digging box, then she's always in the corner chewing on the same bars. I don't know what's so tasty about them but she sure loves them.
In the back you see Peach jumping out of the green tube into the digging box which is usually her favorite place to hang out.

Here's Pumpkin in her favorite corner...

Chewing on those bars.... or in this case licking them.

Here she is climbing them!

almost got out that time...
07 November 2007 @ 11:59 am
 I still haven't been able to take a good shot of Kitty with the new camera since he's always in hiding..
He's the one who inspired this whole journal by the way..
but I'm glad the new hamsters are so photogenic!

Here's Pumpkin being the little curious ball she is.

and Peach just being pretty...

Lookin out from the house...

04 November 2007 @ 01:55 pm
Finally was able to use my new Canon XTI to take pictures of the new hamsters. I love how they came out!
These were taken from the digging box I made them. They just love to dig and hide in it.


Visited the chess set from the living room. This one is one of my favorites..

And the rest are from the hamster play pen we made...

Kiss Kiss!

Them play fighting...

The differences between these and my earlier pictures are amazing. I'm loving this camera.
More to come.